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Belted Kingfishers

Belted Kingfishers are likely to use the dead tree snags and stumps standing out in the water to do their fishing. You may become alerted to this unique bird by the rattling call it makes as it flies across the water. The kingfisher ranges over almost the entire continent of North America in one season or another; from northern Mexico in the winter to central Sydney and northern Quebec in the summer, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Both sexes have slate blue colored heads, back, wings, and breast band. Females also sport a rusty belly band that distinguishes them from the males who lack this band. Both sexes have a ragged crest. Their large bills are well adapted for catching small (2.5″-5) fish. They dive for them from perches or from a hovering position. They use their large bills and strong feet to dig nesting burrows in stream and lake banks. In Minnesota, man-made excavations have created more nesting sites for the Belted Kingfisher in a habitat covered with prime fishing locations.

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