1192 Queen Street West, Toronto, 416-537-2768

CUISINE: Canadian

DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Lunch, Dinner & Brunch



Set in a former art gallery, this unique restaurant offers a menu of comfort food and is transformed into a nightclub atmosphere every evening. Favorites include: Lamb Burger and Pulled Pork Nachos. Popular brunch destination.


It is also closed at the discretion of the Harbour Master during periods of bad weather. It is important to have permission and to pay the appropriate launching fee before taking your boat onto the harbour beach. once the boat is launched, both car and trailer must be removed to the nearby car park, which quickly gets very full at weekends and during Bank Holidays, so it is important to get there early. There are also a number of rules to abide by around the harbour: It is forbidden to change into and out of dive suits at the slipway, because it quickly brings complaints from the nearby residents Do not moor craft near the landing steps from which trip boats operate (this could probably result in a damaged craft) There is a strict three-knot speed limit It is forbidden to enter the inner harbour, even just to look around, as this will bring the Harbour Master out of his office in double quick time Clear the slipway as quickly as possible The landing of shellfish is seriously frowned upon. Whatever you might think of the argument, the local fisheries committee contends that ‘lobsters are not forced into the fishermen’s creels and only go in of their own free will, while divers take them against their will’. Surprisingly, until only a few years ago, Stan Hall, who runs the dive centre at Beadnell, was the only person operating a diving charter boat along this stretch of coast, Now, though, there are many to choose from at Seahouses. For a fairly small village, Seahouses has plenty of pubs and good bed and breakfasts to choose from, along with lots of more upmarket accommodation for those with a bit of extra cash to spare. Near the harbour, there are amusement arcades, fish and chip shops, ice cream parlours, gift shops and cafes and a Chinese takeaway further up the village. There are two garages selling petrol and two-stroke oil, one on the road into Seahouses from Beadnell and one just after the Seafield restaurant on the seafront going north towards Bamburgh. Seahouses also has an excellent and inexpensive golf course on the road south towards Beadnell.

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