The Best Alpine Lakes in Colorado

Mohawk Lakes a series of five lakes located near the town of Breckenridge Colorado these beautiful blue lakes are surrounded by steep Peaks wildflowers and amazing views. come prepared there are no facilities for miles to bring food and water it is a little bit of a hike to get there but the views are amazing especially with the waterfall and River on the way in cataract Lake north of Silverthorne is a beautiful lake great for fishing and a lot easier to get to it is easily accessed by road there’s virtually no hiking and there are restroom facilities at the lake these Lakes hidden around Montezuma are just wonderful with very little people around you can have the whole lake to yourself. one lake, Chihuahua lake is located.

The Best Alpine Lakes in Colorado Photo Gallery

Magnetic degrees north of the town of Montezuma the views surrounding the lakes are amazing deep and uncompahgre wilderness are the blue lakes surrounded by steep and colorful cliffs these lakes are great for fishing or just viewing one of my favorite lakes hidden in the San Juans. This Lake is bright blue from minerals in the water, its beauty is just amazing and its color seems almost unreal. The lake is surrounded by steep cliffs, waterfalls, and wildflowers these lakes are located at a bearing of.

Magnetic degrees north of the town Rico Colorado at a distance of. miles nearby is another beautiful lake with amazing colors and an island in the middle what is your favorite alpine lake? was there a Lakes we missed in this post? let me know in the comments below. There are literally hundreds of amazing alpine lakes I don’t have time to share them or film them all but with a map and a compass you can find some really amazing things hidden in the mountains be sure to check out my other posts most beautiful waterfalls, most interesting places, best swimming areas, The San Juans and more.

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