Discover the Hidden Beaches in México

Beach vacations in M©xico are a great way to escape the everyday pressures that life seems to bring as the year wears on. Many coastal resort towns in this country have become major tourist attractions, primarily because of the year-round temperate climate. With nearly 6000 miles of white sandy beaches and light breezes, M©xico is one of the most sought after getaway destinations. Warm water, delicious food, and seemingly endless entertainment accompany the friendly atmosphere in a place that begs prospective vacationers to come and stay for a while. The densely populated resort towns include Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Mazatlan, yet there are a number of remote Mexican beaches away from tourist hotspots that can help soothe the soul.

For starters, the Isla Holbox is located just a ferry ride away from of the northern end of the Yucatn Peninsula. Visions of clear, emerald green and turquoise water lay just beyond the pristine beaches covered in fine grains of white sand. The sea is warm and the surf is gentle; the climate is more than desirable, averaging annual temperatures of 25°C, or 77°F. Activities include bird watching, with over 100 different species to observe and admire. Isla Holbox is home to many pelicans and flamingos, and quite a few sea turtles can be seen hanging around as well. Swimming with whale sharks may sound dangerous, but these sea creatures are not predatory towards humans; they feed off of the plankton-rich sea shelf, as they go about their business. Choices of hotel accommodations are available, with either modern amenities or rustic style quarters. The people who reside in Isla Holbox are hospitable; they welcome visitors to join in on the relaxed lifestyle of their personal paradise.

Paradise, however, isn’t exclusive to the eastern shores of M©xico. On the Pacific Ocean side, Playa San Agustinillo is nestled between Playas Mazunte and Zipolite, in the state of Oaxaca. This Central American west coast getaway has a natural beauty to it, with a stunning view of the azure-colored waters of the Pacific, cradled by natural jetties jutting out from the ocean floor. The surf here is a bit more powerful, yet the climate is similar to other beach towns in the region, averaging mild to warm temperatures throughout. Oaxaca is rich in culture, and known for its indigenous arts and crafts displays in the smaller neighborhoods. Writers and artists are inspired by Oaxaca’s virtually unfettered landscape and tranquil nature. Local hotel accommodations are readily available, yet beach camping is also highly recommended. A variety of homegrown and international restaurants are located either in San Agustinillo, or taking a leisurely stroll down the road can offer more dining choices. The nightlife scene is peaceful, when after-dinner walks on the whitish-yellow sands seem automatic.

Beach holidays can provide new perspectives on life; for those who really want to get back to nature, a number of coastal cove areas drape along the rustic shores. Barra de Navidad is located south of Puerto Vallarta, and is just one of many coastal coves that offer the simplest of pleasures. Buses run just outside these quiet fishing communities, where local vacationing campers and surfers enjoy the serene ambience. Canoes and other basic watercraft frequent the coves, where fishermen reel in the day’s catch. The local tradition of siesta time on the beach creates an atmosphere that runs without a set schedule. Checking in and out is left to the discretion of the vacationer, and at no charge.

The Mexican coast is perfect for beach holidays and vacations, where a taste of rich culture awaits the palette. Start planning today!

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