The Hot Springs and Ancient City of Pamukkale Turkey

In my second post from Turkey we will take a look at the region around Pamukkale Pamukkale which translates to cotton castle is known for its white travertine cliffs formed by mineral deposits by hot springs hence the name. there are springs an area which have attracted people to the area for thousands of years, in fact the ancient city of Hierapolis which stands over the hot springs attracted many people to the city looking to retire Phillip one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus spent the last years of his life here in hierapolis and was buried here.

The Hot Springs and Ancient City of Pamukkale Turkey Photo Gallery

The hot springs and minerals made the area a place to heal and bathe the rich culture and history in Turkey make it a great place to visit from the rest stops in the middle of the mountains where they serve tea made on a wood stove and fresh fruits to the ancient cities and ruins where you can explore to your heart’s content, to the historic and giant city of Istanbul Istanbul full of its mosques museums Basilica palaces spices olives hashish and food there is so much to explore stay tuned for our next episode where we will explore the ancient monasteries sitting high on the pinnacles near Metra Greece. be sure to comment as I bring you more posts from around the world help this post out by liking and commenting.

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