The Mortal Instruments City of Bones COSPLAY

Sure okay. So first tip we got looking to the camera here we can’t actually yeah can actually watch yourselves guys what’s up um James drive with my friend Dana. And we’re doing a bit of a fun cosplay.

I love to cosplay I’m so excited um, but we are doing to the main legal the baby female characters from the new movie Mortal Instruments city bone my place ah the books are basically about shadow hunters they do, you well there’s a kid running into the tripod no no, but, it’s about shadow hunters which is plus bill Lightwood is. And we fight demon to fight em.

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones COSPLAY Photo Gallery

So human. And rogue Downworlders which are werewolves Perry the whole premise of what the actual movie is about but I first show, you our culture they weren’t very much to do.

I just bought a leather jacket in a way highest voted this way picked up by the awesome Abby at Hot Topic yes we got that let me go with it the ruins us what these things are there are women to get a special powers yeah we’re gonna take couple photos loving this red hair knit Souter, it’s done right no do. I look like the toilet like Lauren Collins. So we’re doing two costumes for our cosplay, this is my first costume, it’s like my shadow hunter like killer demon battle of the year like well your ears yes, this is my gear open.

And then, this is my pandemonium the dress is pandemonium is a. And is where we watch the shadow hunters kill them first even yes all right all right the other members are set on the book or not if your count of the world instruments let us let me know down below yeah because we’re kind of big fangirls thank you so much for reading you.

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