The Thrifty Sport US Map & Phone & Address

The Thrifty Sport US Map & Phone & Address

520 Providence Hwy. (Rte. 1),

Norwood; (617)762-6266 If it’s exercise equipment you crave, but your bank account is no more bulked up than you are, come see Rich and Mark. This truly no-frills operation sells new and nearly-new treadmills, exercise bicycles, and

Workout stations; most are commer-cial-grade name brands.

A Lifecycle 9000 bike, for example just as you’d see in health clubs sells for about $2,000 new; a used model was seen here for $700.

A brand-new Alpine Tracker, with a list price of $259, was seen for $199, while used Alpine steppers start around $60. And Rich told Mine the tragic tale of a man who bought his son a $3,200 Paramount four-station fitness machine, only to see it go untouched; four months old with nary a scratch, it was selling here for $2,000.

Equipment is not warrantied by the store, although everything is checked over, and many new-ish items still carry a transferable manufacturer’s plan. Finding the place is as tricky as it is thrifty; it’s located at the rear of an undistinguished building on Route 1. Look for the sign on a truck parked out front. Open daily, except on Sundays in summer.

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