Thessaloniki Vergina


The tombs of Vergina (Bepyiva), final home to ancient Macedonian royalty, lie only 30km from Thessalonilti. The principal sight is the Great Tumulus, a huge, man-made mount 12m tall and 110m wide. Check out the bones of Alexander IV, son of Alexander the Great, as well as the magnificent Tomb of Philip II, Alexander's father. Visitors can stroll into the mound and check out its magnificent burial treasures, intricate gold work, and brilliant frescoes.

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(Open Su and Tu-Sa 8am-7pm, M noon-7pm; off-season Su and Tu-Sa 8am-7pm. ?8, students ‚4. ) Buses run from Thessaloniki (lhr. Every hr.

‚4. 60) to Veria. From Veria, take the bus to Vergina's plateia (20min. 8 per day, ‚1); follow the signs to the sights.

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