Top Sights to See While You Visit Spain

Get Lost In Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is known around the world for its amazing nightlife – especially for Madrid stag do, delicious tapas, and exceptional museums. This city is made for those who love the night, and often activities don’t even begin until midnight. Make sure to visit the Royal Palace as well as The Prado, which ranks among the biggest museums in the whole world. You should also spend an afternoon taking a stroll in the Plaza Mayor, or main square.

Check Out Barcelona

As with Madrid, Barcelona has become known around the world for its nightlife and amazing late-night menus, not to mention the historic streets. You can see a great deal of history all around you, sleep late into the day, then enjoy a midnight dinner with the rest of the locals. Don’t miss the history museum in the city, it is a top museum in all of Europe. Barcelona tops many people’s lists when it comes to favourite cities, and if it isn’t already, it should be on your list too.

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La Tomatina

On the last Wednesday of August, head to the tiny town of Buñol where you can join the thousands of people who arrive there on this special morning in order to pelt each other with thousands of tomatoes. It will be one of your messiest, as well as funniest, experiences of your life. Tickets for La Tomatina festival are quite inexpensive at just 10 Euros each.

Running of the Bulls

In Pamplona, every July sees the annual Running of the Bulls, where people both brave and stupid congregate to test their courage. This celebration spans several days, and even if you opt to not participate in the actual run, there is still lots to do and plenty of Sangria on tap as you sample the delightful local fare and celebrate with the rest of Spain.

Relax at the Costa Del Sol

If you prefer spending some time relaxing at the beach, Spain is also a haven for those seeking to get away from it all. Southern Spain’s sun cost is known for gorgeous beaches, ample nightlife, and a thriving tourist trade. If you don’t mind crowds, Malaga is a popular destination, but you can find other gems further south.

Visit Valencia

The city of Valencia is amazing to see. While Valencia isn’t well-known for any particular events or sites, many visit on their way to nearby Buñol for the tomato fight. As Buñol is a tiny town, many opt to stay in Valencia as their home base for the festival. However, Valencia will soon show you its appeal. In addition to a successful soccer team, the city boasts amazing seafood, paella, and history. Many people return to the city again and again.

Wander the Streets of Seville

This scenic city hosts many beautiful churches, grand palaces, and sites of historical interest. You can also enjoy plenty of shopping. The Jewish Quarter is great for an afternoon and you can visit a monument that has been dedicated to showing off the many regions found in Spain. This town also has a large population of students.

Go Hiking Through the Sierra Nevada

This mountainous area in the Sierra Nevada is perfect for a summer hike, skiing in winter, or just to explore the unique small towns dotted throughout. It is among the most beautiful and rugged regions of Spain and hosts a variety of outdoor activities. You will find miles of trails that vary in difficulty and length, or you could opt for a guided tour.

See Spain’s Great Cathedral & Mosque: If you are interested in the Muslim influence in Spain, don’t miss the Mezquita de Cordoba. You will be awed by giant arches, columns made from Jasper, gilded prayer areas, and marble floors. In addition, the stunning Byzantine mosaics will show you the history of the area going back to the time Cordoba was controlled by Muslims.

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