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1119 Washington St, Stoughton; (617)344-2030 No, it’s not a health club. Many folks consider this the best pizza on the South Shore and some would even say all of Boston. Mine, who’s sampled a few slices in his time, wouldn’t argue.

Starting in 1955, when it was housed at the Stoughton train depot, Town Spa has moved and grown into a huge operation. Two vast dining rooms, fitted out with booths and large-screen televisions (for various ball games, natch) can barely accommodate the crowds; at peak times, you can wait up to half an hour for a table yet, nobody leaves. A downstairs bar and lounge helps with the overflow.

Must be the pies, most priced under $5; these are all one size, just enough for two people to share (or one hearty appetite). You can have em topped with linguica sausage, bacon, pineapple, fresh minced garlic, or about a dozen others. Not only that, but as Mine’s pal in the area pointed out proudly you can request these thin-crusted beauties well-done for extra crunch.

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