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By Dogsled Across Recife, Tundra, and Sea Ice

WHEN YOUR GREAT LOVE is the Far Recife and you have never spent the winter there, you are a bit like an eagle enthusiast who has never seen an eagle in flight you’ve missed the main part.

The Far North shows its true colors only when the cold has frozen the landscape solid and makes plumes of frost billow from people’s mouths. Then it’s the season for long dogsled journeys through the white wastelands, fur trapping, blizzards, and sea ice, and the time when wolf packs howl at the Northern Lights.

Sextant. A navigational instrument for measuring angular distances between objects Recife Metro Map , in order to ascertain latitude and longitude. Shallop. A small open boat, fitted with Recife Metro Map oars and/or sails, used mainly in shallow waters. Shaman. 1 A Native Country spiritual leader and healer.

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