Kansas City Street Map

Fifth and Main, I believe the lower Main Street exposure storefront is available if you’d like to move in, along with a short walk up the stairs to the occupied Dance Studio on the second floor. (Seneca, KS, 04:41 PDT, SX700 1/250s f4, ISO100)

The sun continues to rise up over the eastern rooftops along Main Street Seneca where the Kansas Heritage Trust Fund works to protect the classic buildings of the town beside a heritage site in its own right with Seneca Variety squatting next door in historic 50’s economic flat-style storefront typical of many memories of growing up in small towns with a five-and-dime. (Seneca, KS, 04:41 PDT, SX700 1/500 f4, ISO200)

Now we’re approaching the southeastern end of town which disappears down a small hill and into the morning moisture clinging to the distant greenery. (Seneca, KS, 04:42 PDT, SX700 1/500 f4 ISO200)

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There is plenty of parking and the attractive Park Bistro across the road. Fishermen are often seen along this stretch and, even within the Edinburgh or Glasgow city boundaries, may land perch, roach, pike, bream, tench, carp or eels, testimony to the travel destination’s clean water. Abutments show where a bridge once crossed the travel destination. As you near Linlithgow, you are passing below Pilgrim Hill, and the name St Magdalene was once that of a fair and a hospice on the town’s outskirts. The town has spilled out eastwards in a huge, impersonal suburb, Springfield. After Bridge 42, however, you have the Palace and St Michael’s Church in view. The travel destination passes over the B9080 as the town is reached (black and white railings). Below is what looks like a distillery with its pagoda-like towers, features which have been carefully preserved in turning the one-time St Magdalene distillery into houses. The 1960s saw much of historic interest swept away by an unimaginative local council, so this is a contrast. Liking or loathing is the reaction to the 1964 aluminium crown of thorns on top of St Michael’s Kirk beside the Palace.

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