Time to keep movin not ready to leave let’s do nice, you know we have made it to the Eva styles hotel here in AO nang it was a bit of a morning of transportation. So how was the bus ride Lima stuck in the back stuck in a corner against the time with three people next to me.


So, it’s interesting we have checked into our room we got little baby Liam on the top bunk Liam Mia they knew Liam’s preference. So they got him a little bear that’s for, you no, it’s awesome we are hooked up with their family suites. So we’re a little family tonight look at that backdrop insane intersting first we’re doing a laundry run 35 baht we are now ready to go explore.

So right here is proof that, you do not need to go through railay to get the beautiful beach hang has it all right here it’s. So stunning you’re like at the foot of a hill let me show, you check that out, you wouldn’t think it was real if your budget conscious it makes sense to stay now Nang do a day trip in to railay and, you know stay here because it is much cheaper railay is actually very expensive because, it’s such a small piece of land like the most basic accommodations you’ll find in railay will fetch about 1200 baht which is roughly 40 US dollars. So like.

I said by Thai standards, it’s quite expensive okay. So. I’m going to butcher this, but we’ve just arrived at no father tata beach actually.

I might have nailed it be honest we are like 10 minutes outside of an egg now we left the main beach just followed the road we’re getting lost here on another beautiful beach like the entire crabby shoreline is filled with these incredible little mountains that look like they were plopped down from above the way they just jut out of the water is pretty remarkable. So we’re crossing over to explore on this side the water is. So hot, it’s like warmer than a bathtub there’s a big pack of dogs there like normally.

I’m not worried about dogs in Southeast Asia but. I’ve also never seen about eight or nine of them together. And dogs can get aggressive when they’re together.

I have never seen anything like this before, it’s just like Dog Island hey guys oh my gosh, it’s the fucking of the dog. And heading use for the winter Godspeed my friends. I hereby decree this as canine eyes and, this is their fearless leader Todd hello Todd alright we’ve met a buddy from Toronto.

So he’s already here right now because of the posts which is insane yeah, you inspired me by this one we are that where, you going to next counsel. I’ve heard, it’s really good oh my god it is the best thing we’ve ever done okay literally it is leave that as a man. I appreciate me okay let’s go hey from the if, it’s Styles Hotel we have just left our room.

And we are off on a really really awesome day trip today is going to be a packed day we’ve got a lot we’re going right now to railay, it’s not an island, but, you have to take a boat to get there, it’s part of the mainland, but it’s. So sectioned off by massive mountains that, you only have water access to get there. So tickets are 100 baht each way.

So we’re getting all geared up until like a professional rock climber looking anxious. I got that. and I’m scared oh is that one of those little dusting mmm. I brought kind indoors. And like, you can rock climbing indoors oh here’s a nervous this whole day like we’re going on another trip after this a seven island tour.

And everything today has been set up by everyday crabby calm they actually reached out. And set up this activity list for us. So we’re really excited to share with, you guys some of the best things, you can do in the rail a crabby area climbers unite, you ready whoa let’s go climb some steep cliffs high five up we have met the wall, this is what requirements attack, you ready professional rock climber let’s go design your own belt here we got a.

I’m currently on his way up to the top he’s gonna touch that top carabiner right up there almost earlier we’ve tired good job Liam, you made it mom didn’t raise no quitter Oh yes oh here we go oh look at that how do, you feel feel great fun moist. And sweaty yeah. I’ve done really well we’re good what okay that was epic like.

So so much fun the adrenaline of getting yourself up there, it’s always a little scary at first because, you have to like trust the bleh system, but once you’re up, you can see the world what’s that quote like Jack show me that show me Leo DiCaprio anyways there’s a big-time Rasta feel to this island everything’s reggae bars. And you’ve got the Jamaican flags hanging basically Bob Marley’s bar right here. I could summarize Railly in one word its laid-back like okay let me back is like two words there’s not really nightlife here there’s a few casual bars that will stay open past 10:00, but everything wraps up pretty quick, but, it’s definitely a really nice couples place to relax just enjoy the most incredible nature here.

So we’ve just arrived at the east pier we left the west beach came to the east beach. And now we’re getting onto a boat to do a seven island tour, it’s like a bouncy castle swing even geek cruise having fun oh this Cruise having fun when I came up with a new nickname for this boat Kaos Cruise Lines nobody knows what’s going on company party we’ve just been dropped off at poda island.

And, it’s beautiful, it’s just a nice little white sand beach in the middle of nowhere, it’s surrounded by incredible mountains, but arguably the most incredible of all the mountains surrounding here is right in front of me let me show, you this thing’s got a jewel it a classic. I sort of kicking out of Thomas Park that right there, it’s chicken island. And if you can’t figure it out.

I’m not honestly your loft cause. So this right here is my favorite time of the day just like 20 minutes for sunset, it’s like a beautiful light color to the sky you’ve got the nice gradient going from like the purple to the orange. And there’s the night this breeze coming off the ocean right now.

And if you can see probably in like one of the world’s most beautiful places right now. So, this is the perfect end to our incredible day incredible two days starting in AO nang finishing here in Raley. I love this place.

I highly recommend, you check it out, you can see that we got a nice red Sun over there. And what seems to be some pink cotton candy clouds over there oh my gosh. I want to be flying the drone right now your best friends yeah let’s get off the boat.

And totally unexpected they have a massive buff a going on they have like chicken skewers they have mouths my curry is actually good, but, you don’t normally get like good food. And go on what kind of things in the include meals. So.

I’m impressed with the meal, but again my conclusion on this type refer going around on the longtail boat rather than being half water in this mountain boat where we were shuffled back. And forth between both Tong Shannon well. I found that part a bit annoying, but of course the locations were beautiful.

And if you’re with a family maybe this makes more sense really really incredible today here in Rayleigh. And now we need to take another vote to get back to how nang that’s only like 15 years ago though. So right now we’re under this incredible clay clave, it’s a cave like a clay cave like wave where we going right now or trying to kind of go to Oneg.

And basically had to leave the boat super one-stop early because they’re actually going one more stop. And then back to the pier. And we need our laundry really bad.

So we just hope we can get a boat back otherwise we’re we’re trapped our attempt to save time definitely backfired we’ve pretty much spent just as much time trying to get back walking across Railly trying to find a boat driver. And now we have to hire a private boat get back to Alan dang. So, it’s only 600 baht, you live and, you learn.

And now we got a private boat driver sled freedo planes trains. And automobiles it is. So good to be back.

So good to be clean I’ll do it of a trek to get home. I’m not going to lie we are back at our beautiful fantasy family suite and I really want to thank the people who make this possible like behave is style hotel here now Nang like everyday crabby the people who are setting up activities allowing us to cut costs by staying in hotels like this blog would not be operable without you.

So thank you. So much for showing us the most incredible state here in really. And Alan dang.

And that’s me. I’m signing off gonna see, you guys tomorrow and, you know how it is, it’s always going to be LIC. So until then guys let’s get lost again two more.

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