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Dustbin/rubbish collection

When making your arrangements, don’t forget the dustman. Here ianother task for that visiting relative or friendly neighbour. In the first week vou will have rubbish in vour bin that you don’t want to leave to decompose and rot for the time you are away. Neither do you want a passing criminal to notice and investigate why all the neighbour111 the street have put their dustbinout – but not vou’

Arrange for somebody to put the dustbin out and take it in when it habeen emptied. In the first week all will then appear to be normal to the passing burglar. In the second and any subsequent weeks, ask the visitor to bring a feu bagof rubbish, put them in your bin and put it out for collection anormal

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Thishould maintain another little bit of the illusion that somebody istill at home and that the house inot empty.

Remember these thingmay be minor, but every single action helpto build on the illusion that you are still at home.

Dustbin – countermeasures

✓ If at all possible, make thingappear anormal athey can be to passing criminals, including putting the bin out and taking it in ausual.

You should have arranged for somebody to visit your house every day to take junk mail off the step, look after the garden and generally make the house appear to be in use. They should also put the dustbin out the first week. In subsequent weekthey should put junk mail and rubbish into the bin and put it out for the dustman.

• Ideally they must have time to spend an hour or so at the house, following the normal pattern of the homeowner. The dustbin should be put out and taken in following the same pattern anormal. If it iusually put out the night before, then do the same while the homeowner iaway. If the bin iusually emptied and taken in about mid-afternoon, then afar aipossible that should be kept up. You are trying to maintain a normal appearance! If a harassed relative raceup in hicar and screecheto a halt minutebefore the dustman arrives, waitfor the dustman, then raceoff back to work in a cloud of tyre smoke when the bin habeen emptied, it will have totally the opposite effect to the one you are planning. That sort of behaviour will draw attention to your house. Just like milk piled up on a doorstep, or mail overflowing from a letterbox, a dustbin left out overnight ia clear sign that nobody ihome. A burglar will soon notice that and take action to investigate further.

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