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With no noticeable response and no additional thermal hits, everyone moved outside into the hall. It was possible the spirit energy might have moved into other rooms. For the next 15 to 20 minutes they searched in vain. Nearing the end of their time, they decided to return once more to the back room with the boarded window.

John and Aaron were the first to enter with Bev close behind. Melanie had just entered when the men looked up at each other then turned to Bev.

Aaron (L) and John (R) examine rooms with the thermo imager.

“Did somebody just have their hand on the wall? Bev, did you have your hand on the wall?”

“No, I’ve got the camera in my hands.”

John nodded his head and calmly replied, “There’s a new hand print on the wall.”

Bev positioned her video camera on the thermal imager. It was clear, another heat signature of a perfect, five-finger handprint. Everyone took turns positioning their hand near the print but none matched. Obviously, it had not come from any visible person in the room.

The five finger handprint did not match anyone’s hand in the room.

Everyone began encouraging the spirit to communicate. No response. All they could do was watch as the heat signature slowly faded away.

On their way downstairs, John shared his earlier experience. Setting up equipment on the third floor he had seen a black shadow run across the hall near the staircase. Of course, as is all too frequent, the apparition was not recorded. If it’s not recorded, it didn’t happen. That’s the rule Mid Michigan, Bev and I always follow.

During a break, Melanie’s team told us about the bizarre handprints the thermal imager had captured. We were excited. That was our next stop. After an uneventful time on the first floor, we were hoping for something a little more interesting than the sound of our own voices.

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