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Use of Credit Cards

Credit card fraud iacommon abroad ait iin thicountry. Credit card companiehave systemthat watch for unusual patternof behaviour, and it they spot any unusual patternthey will query the usage, and ask a retail assistant to check. Your card suddenly turning up and being used in Zorkland might be identified aunusual and suspect usage, so you may find that any purchasewhen on holiday are barred and your card iseized and cut up by the retailer.

If you are going abroad, and want to use your credit and other cardon a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday, call the card company and discusyour plans, telling them where and when you are going and how long you will be there.

The new chip and pin cardoffer more protection but they don’t offer complete protection.

There isome good newthough. Credit card fraud abroad for UK citizenover the last year ireported to be the lowest level for five years. However, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. Stay alert. While there are credit card fraudat home, when you are abroad you are exposed to additional problems:

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• A language and possibly different dialectthat you do not understand.

• Customand lifestylethat are alien to you.

• Currency that ialien to you.

• Making credit paymentin busy or unusual tourist areas, such acaveor plantations, where the card iswiped in a ticket booth.

• You will only know about any abuse of your card when the statement cometo your front door in a month or two.

Credit card – countermeasures

Take care when using your credit and debit cardat home, take even more care when using them abroad.

Remember that some companieadd processing feeand surchargeif you make purchasein a foreign currency in a foreign country.

Try where possible to only use your cardin major international companiesuch ahotel groups, vehicle rental companies, etc.

At the first sign of trouble contact your credit card company and explain what the problem is. Work with them afar apossible to resolve the problems.

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