Travel to Florence in December

Florence During Christmas and New Year

Location: Italy

If you are planning holidays in December, why not choosing to travel to Florence for Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

The tuscan capital is a city with a lot to see, you will never be bored, and being low season the prices are lower than usual. You could also invest the money you saved for a guided Florence tour: you’ll be enchanted!

For those who love the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas, Florence, as well as other Italian cities, is decorated with Christmas lights and full of events not to be missed. The tourist spots, squares and shopping centers are decorated, and many traditional events take place.

During your visit to Florence in December, you will contemplate the winter beauty of its streets, you will be surrounded by the Christmas spirit that reigns in every tourist spot, and you will celebrate New Year’s Eve, when concerts and events take place in open air.

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Don’t forget to taste the hot chocolate and the variety of good sweets, a perfect way to overcome the cold nights!


The climate of Florence for Christmas and New Year is quite cold: in December the city has an average temperature of 2°C to 10ºC, with at least 9 rainy days. But because of the humidity, it seems much colder! Anyway, the weather is not a deterrent to enjoy the city: just don’t forget to put on your bag a waterproof jacket, a thermal socks, as well as sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves.
Florence Christmas Market

One of the main reasons to spend Christmas holidays in Florence is the Christmas Market, where you can buy many souvenirs and high-quality products to make a lot of nice gifts to friends and relative. The Florence Christmas Market is located in one of the city’s most beautiful squares, Piazza Santa Croce, a place where an impressive Gothic Franciscan church rises. Inside the church, there are important pieces of art such as Giotto’s paintings, the Cimabue tomb, the crucifix and the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo.

So, the Christmas Market in Florence not only invites you to share the fun of the winter season, but also to enjoy the visit of one of its main tourist sites. Piazza Santa Croce is located in the heart of Florence and you will understand why this historic town deserves to be declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Florentine Christmas market integrates the typical features of a German Christmas markets. It recreates a typical Christmas village with wooden chalets ornated with objects, decorations and Christmas lights. More than fifty exhibitors come here to offer everything about Christmas, like trees and other Christmas decorations.

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