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This gives them the maximum range without dazzling oncoming traffic. If they are mounted below the bumper they will have a range of only 5 or 10 m (16 or 32 feet). Fog lights are most effective when used in conjunction with parking lights only: for safe driving, therefore, they must have an adequate range.

It is always advisable to carry a first-aid kit. It is compulsory for all drivers, including visitors, to carry a warning triangle. Remember, however, that if these items are kept on the rear shelf they can become dangerous projectiles in the event of an accident.

The first-aid kit should be kept inside the car, either secured in a holder or under a seat; the warning triangle should be kept ready to hand in the boot (trunk). If there is no more room in the boot any items of equipment or pieces of luggage inside the car should be stowed carefully and securely.

If there is so much luggage in the back of the car that the view through the rear window is obstructed it is a wise precaution, as well as a statutory requirement to have an outside mirror on the passenger’s side. This is useful in any event when driving in heavy traffic on multi-lane highways. It should be of convex type.

Drivers who keep their left foot on the clutch pedal after changing gear may be letting themselves in for a heavy repair bill.

This very rapidly wears down the clutch release bearing, giving rise to whining and grating noises.

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