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Most evenings, galleries in NoDa and South End are closing just as the supper crowd descends on the neighborhoods. But twice a month, these same galleries throw open their doors and invite art lovers inside as part of Gallery Crawl. Gallery crawls are held on the first and third Fridays of the month in NoDa and the first Friday of the month in South End. The works that line the walls are just part of the appeal. Often, galleries serve wine and small bites to encourage lingering conversation (and, of course, sales). The scene is festive outside of the galleries, too. Restaurant patios are bursting at the seams, a few artists set up easels on the street and paint for the crowd, and live music spills out of the neighborhood clubs. Even the firemen are part of the atmosphere, sitting outside their historic firehouse and chatting with passersby. Gallery crawls are much more popular in NoDa, where all of the galleries are located within a few blocks of each other and going from one to the next requires little more than crossing the street. In South End the galleries are spread out, which means walking between them isn’t an option.


Charlotte makes up for its lack of bike lanes and pedestrian areas with a top-notch greenway system. By definition, greenways are natural areas that improve water quality, reduce stormwater runoff, and provide wildlife habitat. In Charlotte, greenways are built over buried sewer lines and over old railroad tracks; they wind through parks and neighborhoods and are tucked alongside ravines, providing traffic-free zones for walking, running, biking, and exploring. There are 33 miles of greenway trails throughout the city. Planning for the greenway system started in 1966 and called for a 73-mile network of trails along 14 creek corridors. The plan was updated in 1999 to include a series of overland connector trails linking the greenways. The Parks & Recreation department plans to construct 42.8 miles of new greenway trails by 2013.

Arts, Culture, and Intellectual Life 1624 John Smith publishes The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles. Philadelphia Map Tourist Attractions The best known of all of his works, this contains the story of Smith’s imprisonment by Powhatan and his subsequent rescue by Pocahontas, one of the most enduring legends in Country history. The period of Smith’s literary productivity spans twenty-three years from the earlier publication of A True Relation of Virginia (1608), to the publication of Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New England (1631). As noted by Norman S. Grabo and Russel B. Nye in Country Thought and Writing, Volume I: The Colonial Period, Smith’s writings form the first substantial body of literary work done in and about Country.

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