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Travel to Rome


Rome swells with tourists around Easter, from May through July, and in September. Prices vary widely with the time of year, and a proprietor’s willingness to negotiate increases with length of stay, number of vacancies, and group size. Termini is swarming with hotel scouts. Many are legitimate and have IDs issued by tourist offices; however, some imposters have fake badges and direct travelers to rundown locations with exorbitant rates, especially at night.


If being a bit closer to the sights is worth it to you, then choosing Rome’s medieval center over the area near Termini may be worth the higher prices.

Albergo del Sole, V.d. Biscione 76 (06 68 80 68 73; fax 06 689 37 87). Off Campo dei Fiori. 61 comfortable, modern rooms with phone, fan, TV, and fantastic antique furniture. English spoken. Checkout 11am. Parking garage ‚15-18. Singles ‚65, with bath ‚83; doubles ‚95110-140.

Albergo Pomezia, V.d. Chiavari 13 (fax 06 686 13 71; Off C. V. Emanuele II, behind Sant’Andrea della Valle. 3 floors of recently renovated, clean, and quiet rooms with fans. Breakfast included. Handicapped-accessible room on the first floor. Singles ‚60-105; doubles ‚80-125; triples ‚100-160. AmExMCV.

Albergo della Lunetta, P.d. Paradiso 68 ( 06 686 10 80; fax 689 20 28). The 1st right off V. Chiavari from C. V. Emanuele II behind Sant’Andrea della Valle. Clean, well-lit rooms; some face a small, fern-filled courtyard. Great location between Campo dei Fiori and P. Navona. Reservations recommended (with credit card or check). Singles ‚55, with bath ‚65; doubles ‚85110; triples ‚115145. MCV.

Albergo Abruzzi, P.d. Rotonda 69 (06 97 84 13 51). A mere 200 ft. from the Pantheon. Some rooms have a terrific view. Communal bath; rooms have sinks. Singles ‚75150; doubles ‚115195; triples ‚170240.

Hotel Rosetta, V. Cavour 295 (afax. 06 47 82 30 69). Located just 2 blocks from the Roman Forum, this family-owned hotel offers spacious rooms at unbeatable prices. While the place is not fancy, each room has a TV, phone, fan, and bathroom. Checkout 10:30pm. Singles ‚60; doubles ‚80; triples ‚90; quads ‚100. AmExMCV.


These accommodations might run you a few more euros, but can you really put a price tag on living but a few steps from Prada?

IS Pensione Panda, V.d. Croce 35 (06 678 01 79; www.webeco.ithotelpanda), between P.d. Spagna and V.d. Corso. Lovely, immaculate rooms and arched ceilings (some with frescoes). English spoken. Check-out 11am. Reservations recommended. Mar.-Dec. singles ‚48, with bath ‚68; doubles ‚6898; triples with bath ‚130; quads with bath ‚170. Jan.-Feb. ‚5 less. 5% Let’s Go discount for cash payments during low season. AmExMCV.

Hotel Pensione Suisse S.A.S. V. Gregoriana 54 (06 678 36 49; info@HoteISuisseR- Turn right at the top of the Spanish Steps. Sleek, old-fashioned furniture, comfortable beds, phone, and fan in every room. Internet access and TV available. Breakfast included. All rooms with bath. Singles ‚90; doubles ‚140; triples ‚194; quads ‚215. Nov.-Feb. 10-15% discount on extended stays. MCV.

Daphne B&B, V.d. Avignonesi 20 (06 47 82 35 29; and V.d. San Basilio 55, off P. Barberini. English-speaking owners, full amenities, and a prime location. AC, maid service, and cell phone rental. Check-in 2pm. Check-out 10am. Reservations strongly recommended. Singles ‚60-95, with bath ‚75-120; doubles ‚70-11080-160; triples ‚90-135105-210; quads ‚120-160160-240. MCV. Hotel Boccaccio, V.d. Boccaccio 25 ( 06 488 59 62; M: A- Barberini. Off V.d. Tritone. This quiet, well-situated hotel offers 8 elegantly furnished rooms near many sights. Reception 9am-llpm, late-night access via key. Singles ‚42; doubles ‚62, with bath ‚83; triples ‚84112. AmExDMCV.

Pensione Jonelia, V.d. Croce 41 (06 679 79 66;, between P. di Spagna and V.d. Corso. Four beautiful rooms. Quiet, roomy, and cool in summer. No reception: You must call to arrange for someone to be there. 4th floor location; no elevator. One bathroom. July-Aug. singles ‚52; doubles ‚62-68; triples ‚78; quads ‚92. Mar.-June ‚6272-8592110. Off-season ‚4545-5565-7585. Cash only. Discount for extended stays.

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