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Krusa to Frederikshavn (E3). The route starts from the frontier village of Krusa. To the NE, on the Nybel Nor, an offshoot of the Flensborg Fjord, is Gras-ten (pop. 3000; Egely Hotel, 22 three camp sites), the Queen’s summer residence. The castle, built in 1709 and rebuilt after a fire in 1759, has a richly decorated Baroque chapel.

Gristen is surrounded by a wide expanse of forestand lakes, with many Stone Age tombs. On a peninsula 8 km (5 miles) SE is Broager, church with two imposing towers (good views), decorated with frescoes of the 13th16th c.

At Dybbel are old entrenchments which Prussian forces took by storm in 1864 during the Danish-German war and the later Schleswig-Holstein wars, opening the way to Alsen (58). The Dybbol windmill, rebuilt four times, has become a symbol of Danish resistance to German expansion.

Abenra (pop. 20,000; Grand Hotel, 75 Hvide Hus, 98 youth hostel; camp site), attractively situated on the Abenra Fjord, is an old fishing town with the largest harbour in southern Jutland. The older parts of the town have preserved all the charm of the past. The Museum has a section devoted to ships and the sea, including a collection of ships in bottles.

The beautiful N coast of the fjord can be reached on minor roads. In the hilly Lojtland area is Lojt church, with a late Gothic altar (four panels) and perfectly preserved frescoes (c. 1530). To the N of Lojt is the Knivsbjerg, with extensive views over the bay.

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