Treasure pagoda Haibao Ta

The eight imperial mausoleums and more than 70 other tombs from the Western Xia dynasty (1032-1227) are scattered over grounds covering miles, about 30km/19 miles west of Yinchuan.

Each mausoleum is more than 10ha/25 acres in area and comprises external and internal walls, four corner towers, a pavilion, a memorial hall, an altar and an underground burial chamber of compressed soil. One ofthe imperial tombs was opened up by archaeologists in the 1970s.

Yixing lies in the extreme south of Jiangsu province, near its border with Anhui and Zhejiang, to the west of Lake Taihu, at 119°49’E and 31°22’N.

There are buses from many towns in all three provinces. It is best to take the bus from Wuxi, 62km/38!/2 miles north-east of Yixing.

The town is one of the largest and oldest centres of Chinese ceramic production, which is still important today. For the most part everyday articles are made, such as teapots, beakers and flowerpots, frequently decorated with plant and animal patterns.

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