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In Canada, the magazine Field and Stream has offered a $1,000 prize for the last twenty years to anyone who can prove that a person has been attacked by a wolf or wolves. No one has ever claimed the prize. The only known case occurred in Montana in 1888! A young girl was bitten by a wolf, which was then shot and proved to have rabies.

Hunting in a Valley

The wolves walk in single file and then separate to encircle the game.

No more than a bluish bite mark on the deep ice covering, a fragile vein that fades into the vast sleeping landscape, the river stretches painfidly over the frigid earth, silent and cold. Over its frozen waves a sled glides slowly, its rnnners squealing on the immoving swells, which shatter and break. A man and a woman drive forward on snowshoes through the wind-borne snow, calling out encouragement to the dog team, which is led by a sturdy black-and-white Siberian husky. Nestled in the back of the wooden sled, a little girl nods in the warmth of her beaver-fur coat. Slowly she opens her eyes. Her bright glance seeks out Otchum, the lead dog, straining in the snow about twelve feet ahead of her, as he follows in the silver wake of his master. Laughing, she imitates the man’s terse commands to his dog team. “Hooo!” she burbles. Her little voice, which has recently learned to mimic the song of chickadees and warblers, makes a musical moment that the wind carries off into the next frozen plain.


I extend thanks to those of my teammates who used my cameras during the course of our expeditions and took the photographs in which I appear. They are, in alphabetical order: Thomas Bounoure, Benoit Maury-Laribiere, Alain Rastoin, Nicolas Tozi, and Diane Vanier.

I would also like to express my gratitude to my editors, without whom this book would never have come about.

Hiking trail rises to 1,500-foot elevation and United States Subway Map spectacular views of Santa Ynez Valley. NEARBY ATTRACTION: Historic 1875 San Ramon Chapel (Benjamin Foxen United States Subway Map Memorial Chapel). San Luis Obispo COUNTY San Luis Obispo County is divided into two distinct growing regions by the rugged Santa Lucia Range. Rising parallel to the coastline, the range separates the south, with its volcanic soils and mild, maritime climate, from the north, a region of fossil-studded soils and fifty-degree temperature swings. U.S.

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