Universal Hollywood Studios Special Effects Stage Fun Facts!

You’ ll see the puppet used in The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Imhotep from The Mummy.

Universal’s Animal Actors What’s cool about it?

Animal Actors combines live trained animals and video footage. You can volunteer to be part of the show!

The NBCUniversal Experience What’s cool about it?

Universal Hollywood Studios Special Effects Stage Fun Facts! Photo Gallery

This is the best spot in the park for true movie buffs. Check out 100 years of film and television history here, including displays from Gladiator. The Grinch, Jaws, The Bourne Identiy, Apollo 13, The Office, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. and lots more. Look for costumes, production art, props, and set drawings. Cool!

The NBCUniversal Experience Fun Facts!

Look for the Best Picture Oscar for The Sting on display.

House of Horrors

What’s cool about it?

Do your parents like haunted houses and classic monsters like Frankenstein? Then the House of Horrors is the attraction for them. It is a walk-through maze of frights starring horror movie characters. You’ll love the water effects, mirrors, and animated monsters. It might be a too intense for kids, because the characters jump out and there are loud noises. A, D, S

House of Horrors Fun Facts!

The House of Horrors maze takes ten minutes to walkthrough.

During Halloween Horror Nights there are more “scareactors” inside this attraction, and it gets a special theme.

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