We Accidentally Found Petroglyphs – Kyrgyzstan

Hey still in a sickle in Kyrgyzstan gonna go hiking in the Curry’s mountains today there is no running water here is there Hana this is where we get the water this is the sink hiking through this field of rocks it’s really hot out, and they just told me. But there are petroglyphs in the rocks sometimes that you can see that are who knows how old exciting I hope you find some this is so awesome I hiked hasn’t even started yet we’re just wandering through this field of rocks, and finding all these what oh we found more yeah huge love Kyrgyzstan now I did before too taking a luxury we’ve been walking for a while how long have we been rocking two hours well we’ve been walking a long time, and the mountains are not really getting that much closer.

We Accidentally Found Petroglyphs – Kyrgyzstan Photo Gallery

So we’re unsure about how successful that venture is going to be. But we’re gonna find out the mountains ended up being too far away we’re headed back now trying to find a way to cross this stream loving Kyrgyzstan more, and more that was awesome even if we didn’t go into the mountains seeing the petroglyphs like that just randomly. So amazing now we are gonna get some dinner from Kyrgyz food, and just relax bring to a different place for tonight what is this area poppy it is the third micro rayon of chopped Ananta called Khimki P&K that’s right apparently today is our lucky day we got Mushka twice teachers right at the exact time right as we were walking up one pulled up, and not nobody who ever charged us they keep telling me that all these bad things are gonna happen, and we’re gonna have to wait hours for a taxi, and all of these people are gonna do these things and, I’m starting to wonder what’s going on here it’s all true Jordan is just our lucky charm that’s trying to figure out if this restaurant is open they’re like going, and knocking on the door of the kitchen, and Nicole’s just ready to sit I do too yes they are open is my invisible we’ve done the research.

And Bobby has found that the petroglyphs from earlier from 1500 BC about pretty old. So awesome such a great day morning hey guys handle Dylan it’s a cool Hana, and I are quickly hiking down to the lake. Because I was going to leave without seeing it which just doesn’t make any sense look up a map of Kyrgyzstan right now, and you’ll see how huge the lake is it’s the largest alpine lake in the world second to one other one in South America I think anyway we’re going down there now, and then we’re going back to Bishkek right after that pretty much vodka party are you gonna die no. But they’re everywhere there’s so many fun, and I are sitting on anthills here they’re everywhere oh they’re on our shoes her jacket is covered in ants much as we would love to stay here all day fun, and I have to head back bicycle nice been to Bishkek it’s kind of how things are done around here, and I are back in Bishkek, and it’s been raining that is really beautiful I am gonna say bye bye guys I had a great time it was such a great place to visit, and I loved it so much even more than I was expecting that I think, I’m gonna come back maybe in the summer, and see some more places. But we’re gonna like cut through what it’s the national sport it’s like a horse game with a it’s like keep-away with a dead sheep somewhere between leg Paulo meet soccer, and meets like dead chic keep away from each other mr.

Linton’s yeah I actually really want to see that all right see you tomorrow bye.

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