Weekend Getaway to Mt. Field, Tasmania

This was a short one-night, weekend getaway during the Summer of 2012. A friend of mine, just this weekend in fact, took a little day trip to go hiking there just yesterday, so if you’re in Hobart, you can just make a day of it rather than staying overnight but if you can, I implore you to stay at the campgrounds and stay as long as possible.

Ok… on to the actual adventure! After getting our brand new Kombi, Wanda all fitted out we hit the road in our very first Kombi Road-trip. The hour or 2 ride to get there is absolutely gorgeous in itself and an awesome place to go for a motorbike ride too if you’re keen. We travelled past poppy farms and vineyards. Next time weather permits I think I’ll have to jump on the bike and head back there for a picnic.

After setting up the Kombi in the campgrounds (there are powered and unpowered sites to choose from for Caravans or you can take the car and set up a tent or campertrailer) we payed our small fee (from memory around $20 to stay a night or you can buy a national parks pass instead for much better value).

The hikes we did here were some of the best ever and I’ve been on a number of pretty spectacular walks (even one overlooking one of the top 10 beaches in the world), so I can tell a good hike when I see one.

Mt. Field is one of those special places that shows you just how insignificant you really are (in a good way!) while you’re dwarfed by some of the worlds tallest trees while trekking through the rainforest and coming up to some breathtaking waterfalls.

Unfortunately we packed too light and ended up having a pretty sleepless night inside the freezing cold Kombi. Next time I’ll pack warmer and bring extra blankets for rugging up. No matter how hot the sun is during the day, those tall trees make for an icy night.

The next morning we took the short half hour stroll to Russell Falls, the main attraction. I didn’t think it could get much better than the walk previously but upon watching the platypus swim in the clear green waters and coming up to the Falls itself, the most amazing waterfall I’ve ever seen, I was pretty thoroughly impressed!

After packing up camp we took the road up the mountain to Lake Dobson. If the entire trip had been a failure up until this point, Lake Dobson would have saved it. The water is really something else, you can see straight to the bottom in the sunshine and the entire park becomes a snowy wonderland in the winter which I’ve yet to experience.

To sum it up Mt. Field is practically the stuff fairy-tails are made of. It was crafted using the same magic, that’s for certain. It’s so worth the trip and one of Tasmania’s best weekend getaways, especially if you’re in Hobart.

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