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Playa Paraiso Playa Paraiso is the most popular beach in town, and the closest. The beach has spots for camping along the river, a cantina and bathroom facilities. There are motorboat tours along the river that leave regularly. Boats carry about four to five people and charge about Gs.

5,000 for almost an hour-long ride. Coming from Asuncion the access road is on the right-hand side just after the bridge after which you take another right towards the river and then a left approximately 3000 meters to the beach, Gs. 5,000 per person, Gs. 10,000 per person for camping

Playa Caracol Though there is no infrastructure, Playa Caracol is another popular spot. Located across the river from town it is accessed from a sideroad to the left-hand side just before the bridge (if coming from Asuncion)

Playa Yvaga Further away but worthwhile for those with cars. You can also try your luck hitchhiking – beachgoers may be in a charitable mood. After the bridge take the second right onto Felicianos Orue (which turns into Curupayty) and continue five kilometers

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