That’s been an experience I felt like I was in a bloodbath in time hmm think we need a new plan Hey everybody how are you guys doing today it is mid-morning just about noon, and that room is not getting painted any better than it was before when I was trying to strip it we’ve been back, and forth trying to call experts trying to decide what to do, and I think I think dad might have a solution he dropped this book on my bed to the page 284 paper in a room I’ve never papered of room before I don’t know what he’s thinking I think they should just call the experts I mean I can only go as far as painting we’ll see I I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on okay my app said on the 18th 19th, and today there is something in my peer box what is going on all right let’s see that is actually something in here yes there is I thought sir I think Jess has a working laptop again guys I feel like, I’m getting the early stages of a cold or a flu or something you know when your head just starts to feel like you’re in the dreamland a little bit.


So jess has made me some nice guys I think me, and Jess apart say this is summing up all day right now on the couch okay, I’ll just leave that there for you I promise you guys we will try, and post Hey to you I think Stephen had a break in a cold. Because we just broke up from a chinky afternoon nap it’s give me a bit of energy, and we’ve decided we’re gonna go out, and get some fresh air, and go on a cheeky picnic sorry Joffe you want coming. But this this thing is coming okay. So see. So it’s for me oh dear we cave well give them a quick walkies all right guys we’re getting picnic supplies have to think without food. But we can’t order a pizza it’s going to take too long to get down to the first city. So we’re just gonna get some crackers, and some just like a picnic is so basic that looks. So good we’re currently on our way to Perth City this is really cool park there a lot of people know is called Kings Park, and it gives you really pretty views over the city, and we’re trying to beat the Sun right now. Because the reason right it’s whining just like 22 set, and we don’t want it to set yet. So, I’m slow down son we’re not there yet, I’ll let you know, I’ll let you know when we’re ready consider finish listen to me tell me when I first succeeded in this oh I got suspended guys I think we’ve made it in time the Sun doesn’t set where the city is though it’s over there. But the coloring is beautiful, and it’s a. So pretty this is like the best spot to see her especially at sunset all right before we lose all this sunset, and before we stop to eat we want to show you this quick little bridge that gives you the ultimate I know we said that was the ultimate that this gives you a really good view of our skyline, and hopefully we can find it’s not too far away guys realized I think we missed out on an ultimate drawing opportunity we need to bring it back here mhmmm closes a bridge ridiculous I think we found a good spot this is the second time we try to get us door to the bridge we came to Kings Park last time, and had bridge issues, and our clothes champagne in the form of flavored milk YUM we are so fancy up in here thank you cheers mate guys we can’t take the kids anywhere we’ve had a mistake for you mate guys I don’t think you can hear it. But just in the background over there is a whole like bunch of kookaburras laughing at us rowena, I’m good I chats though alright let’s let’s have some crackers we can fix this yes.

So we can fix this all righty guys picnic was a kind of a success / City is looking beautiful. But it is time to head back. Because, I’m chilly and, I’m covered in milk this is our Anzac torch is one of those infinity torches that once has been lit, and it doesn’t go out there are Monday’s Anzac Day which is a big World War one holiday that we remember here in Australia and, I’m pretty sure last year the year before was like the centenary, and it was a very big event. But yes they come to the fire, and we have an Anzac Day service at dawn we’d love to come down, and show you a guys. But literally this one nearly three million people that live in Perth, and a lot of them come back here there won’t be parking anywhere we haven’t even gone apologies if I look very red in the face I just had the best bar ever I feel like bars cure any type of cold or flurry, and I feel bad. Because Stevens feeling sick too Steve mana bar, and you can also choose something from my goodie bag gin ababa you have to experience it they fizz, I’m sure you choose one, I’ll pick this one smell that what is it what’s a club if anyone is interested he has chosen these he’s chosen or a Christmas Swan this is an old Christmas when christmas kisses you ready yeah that looks cute well let me read what it says that it’s meant to be oh wow Steven stevia says you have a comforting spicy bubbles as warming as a hot toddy hot toddy kiss your body clean again crumble under running bathwater for mounds of frequent bubbles what doesn’t smell like seem to crumble this one miss pies I don’t know this one’s gives you a mint to be giving you a Christmas kiss okay see one all righty one romantic bloodbath for let’s see what the rave is on about these lush poems I have gone through lush, and I’ve come through the other end I don’t know what, I’m meant to feel am I meant to feel rejuvenated like am I meant to be able to take on the world Oh Santa gives me real good do I smell difference yeah II smell good smell it really smell like Santa it’s not like a lot of stool I smell like a lush door I wanted to smell like what’s my favorite Christmas buried mince pie mince pies I do not smell like mince pies sorry why 0:10. But not coz that’s Christmas Hot Cross Buns is Eastern spices good reason as we know this Jessica that has been an experience I felt like I was in a bloodbath the entire time probably passed out a few times yeah all right thanks so much thanks so much for reading guys I hope you enjoyed our little chasing the song to show you Kings Park today, I’m all milked out.

So we’ll see you tomorrow night guys.

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