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Can’t get a spot? Perhaps you’d be content to join the thousands of spectators who watch the race Or you could be one of more than 800 volunteers helping out. You can sign up online.

Started by Maine’s own famous runner. |oan Benoit Samuelson, winner of the first women’s Olympic marathon in 1984. the Beach to Beacon 10K is the largest in the state, attracting top flight runners from around the world.

Taking place on the first Saturday in August, the race begins at Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth, birthplace and home of Samuelson. After 6.2 miles of ocean side beauty, more than 6,500 runners end up at Port Williams, next to Portland Head Light the country’s most photographed lighthouse.

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Runners range from world class champions to rank amateurs, but spots are limited. The race is so popular that when online regis tration opens in March, the slots are sold out within minutes. If you wish to participate, plan ahead and sit by the computer awaiting the brief window of opportunity. Besides the main attraction, other races are offered including a 1 mile high school race and a kids Fun Run.

Since 1997, the Beach to Beacon has awarded prizes to winners in different categories and raised money for charity. According to Samuelson, the race is about celebrating health and fitness, as well as providing an opportunity to give back to the community.

If the competition for a spot in the race is too nerve-wracking, you can run the race in the privacy of home on your own treadmill. Download a free app with the virtual race course to your iPad, put the iPad on your treadmill, and go. Vou can also purchase the entire 10K course filmed from a runner’s point of view on race day. Use the purchased version of the app to re-experience your own race, compete with friends, or train for your next Beach to Beacon.

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