Why Your Boat’s Ideal Partner is The Marina

When you buy a boat, you’ve made a great decision. Whether you are using it for luxury and sailing or fishing and water sports, you will be getting the most out of your new toy. However, even the largest, most beautiful property is not the right place to store a boat. Owning a boat is the first step, and finding a marina to house that boat is the next. Consider a few things before you choose a marina to store your dream boat.

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As mentioned, there isn’t space at your house for a boat. Even when kept on a trailer in the garage, a marina can offer more for your boat than a trailer. On the other side of the coin, there are neighborhoods that do not allow boats to be stored on the street or your property. Some neighborhoods prohibit boats due to their size, and others because neighbors don’t often like the “eyesore” caused by a large boat on a residential street. Many cities, within the city limits, do not allow boats stored at residential homes. Whatever the reason in your neighborhood, always ask about these things ahead of time.

Storing a boat at the marina will also save you time in the long-term. When your boat is already stored at the marina, there is no need to pack it up and carefully travel to the water – it is already there. You pack up and go to the marina, take off the boat’s cover, and have a fun afternoon on the water. Because the process of packing up your boat and traveling to the waterside can often take hours, storing your boat at the marina is a major time-saver – especially for those that use their craft frequently.

When you store your boat at a marina, you minimize wear and tear over the life of your boat. Packing and unpacking your boat day after day requires specific skills, and for those without the experience of launching a boat, this leaves the boat at high-risk of damage. In the end, storing your boat a marina will save money. From the hauling, travel, and potential damage expenses, keeping your boat at a marina is often worth its investment. And, don’t forget to check with experienced boat owners and boating resources such as Carefree Boat Club for more information.


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