Wyman Dam on Kennebec River

Key Species: landlocked salmon, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout Best Way to Fish: wading, bank

Best Time to Fish: April through October MAG: 30, D-3

Description: This tailwater fishery of the Kennebec River is a popular early-season spot for anglers seeking coldwater species. Fishing from the bank is the safest method, since the water is fast and deep, making wading difficult. Spe-

The pool below Wyman Dam on the Kennebec River s a popular opening-day destination for eager anglers. This brawling section of river is home to a self-sustaining population of rainbow troutcial fishing regulations include an artificials-only fall season and restricted bag and length limits on landlocked salmon, trout, and lake trout. Private campgrounds are available in Madison and Skowhegan, and motels are located near Skowhegan on U.S. Route 201.

Fishing index: Although brook trout, brown trout, and lunker landlocked salmon are present, rainbow trout attract the majority of anglers. A self-sustaining population of rainbow trout exists here, something of a rarity in Maine. These Maine-born fish represent a great hope for rainbow trout aficionados, because they are thought to be genetically suited to Maine’s environment.

The opening week of fishing season is hectic, as anglers from far and wide arrive in hopes of landing a lunker rainbow trout or landlocked salmon. Most early-season anglers rely on spinning tackle and Rapalas and Rebels, but fly fishers use streamers and bucktails fished with a fast-sinking fly line.

Brown trout fishing is good and fly fishers using caddis patterns take good fish in the evening throughout the season. Action will be good throughout the summer. Solitude is another plus; you can fish here in August or September and not encounter another angler.

Directions: From Bingham, head north on U.S. Route 201 toward Moscow, just across Austin Stream. In Moscow, look for a sign on the left indicating Wyman Dam.

For more information: Call the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife in Strong or Augusta.

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