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Assimilate 2011, digital print 146 x 110 cm. Image courtesy of the artist assimilation is associated in Australian history as Indigenous and migrant assimilation to white Australia. In this context, however, Abdullah’s father had to assimilate into the Muslim world also subject to globalization, and this process was largely successful. He was active in the Muslim community and was secretary of the Australian Islamic Council in the 1980s (Abdullah 3 June 2011 interview).

The artist’s father is represented in Muslim attire: a turban-style headdress and a kaffiyeh, an Arab scarf that is now considered hip’ among young Australians. While Abdullah claims in an interview (3 June 2011) that his intentions excluded parody, since the costume belonged to his father, he nonetheless has set the stage for an entry into the debate concerning the politics of representation – that is, who can speak for whom. He is looking to the left and sports a long white beard and a halo of white light around his head. His blue eyes are an intense blue, a deeper blue than the background blue hue. The sharpness within his eyes contrasts with the softer edges in the image and expresses the clarity of his intent and vision. As the light radiates outwards from Abdullah’s father’s head to the frame’s edges, it changes from a very light white through gradations of white/pink indeterminate tints and gradually into a more saturated blue. The heavenly glow, like a halo associated with western Judeo-Christian art, expresses pureness and spirituality. Religion and whiteness are concomitant, where white and light represent civilization, reason, western enlightenment and modernity. Black and dark are cast as barbaric, unenlightened, primitive or backward.

If such a proceeding is a breach of the law of Los Angeles Metro Map nature, no law of society can make it just. The very act of taxing exercised over Los Angeles Metro Map those who are not represented appears to me to be depriving them of one of their most essential rights as freemen, and if continued seems to be in effect an entire disfranchisement of every civil right . We all think ourselves happy under Great Britain. We love, esteem, and reverence our mother country, and adore our King. And could the choice of independency be offered the colonies or subjection to Great Britain upon any terms above absolute slavery, I am convinced they would accept the latter. The ministry in all future generations may rely on it that British Country will never prove undutiful till driven to it as the last fatal resort against ministerial oppression, which will make the wisest mad, and the weakest strong .

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