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1949 Sweden joins the Council of Europe.

1951 Sweden becomes a founding member of the Nordic Council (see above under Denmark).

1958 Nordic Passport and Customs Union.

1960 Sweden a founding member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

1973 Karl XVI Gustav.

Death of King Gustav VI Adolf; his grandson succeeds him as Karl XVI. Free trade agreement with the EEC.

1974 New constitution: the king’s powers are considerably reduced from 1 January 1975.

1976 Law providing for workers’ participation in industrial management. The right-wing parties win a general election after 44 years of Social Democratic government.

1977 Birth of Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree.

The law of succession to the throne (since 1810 confined to males) is altered.

1979 A further general election returns a narrow right-wing majority. Thorbjorn Falldin, the leader of the Centre Party forms a right-wing coalition on 11 October. Parliament votes for primogeniture (right of succession to throne of first-born child).

1980 As heiress to the throne Princess Victoria receives the title of Duchess of Vestergotland. By a majority of 58-1 % Parliament resolves to increase the provision of atomic power (maximum 12 reactors).-Serious labour troubles (100,000 strikers)).

1981 The Conservative Party withdraws from the coalition. At the end of May Thorbjorn Falldin forms a new minority government of the Centre and Liberal parties. Economic crisis and inflation continue.-On 23 June the actress and singer, Zarah Leander, dies in Stockholm aged 74.

The Soviet submarine U-137 runs aground on the reefs bordering the Swedish naval base of Karlskrona. This leads to diplomatic complications with Russia.

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