Why This is The Year You Should Try a Winter Holiday

A winter holiday doesn’t just have to mean skiing. There are lots of other options for a winter snow holiday. So if you have never tried a winter break before read on and you might just be packing your jumpers and thermals sooner than you think

See A Destination in a New Light

The winter months are generally quieter to travel during than the busy summer. You can explore a destination without fighting past large tour groups all trying to take the same photograph. There is nothing more likely to get you in the festive mood than a scenic snow covered landscape. Gaze out over beautiful snowy mountain peaks or explore a traditional Austrian village whilst enjoying a warming cup of hot chocolate.

There are lots of city breaks that provide the perfect festive break option. Magical Sweden or the Czech Republic are both fantastic winter destinations. Pay a visit to one of the traditional Christmas markets in Prague to pick up a few presents and try Tredelnik’ the delicious sweet bread that is seemingly everywhere, or perhaps sample a few glasses of Glgg in Gothenburg while wandering around the stalls.

Spoilt for Choice

There are lots of winter holiday destinations to choose from. Prices can be lower in winter, making it easier and more cost efficient to plan last minute trips. From the grandeur of the Alps to the wild drama of the Northern Lights in Iceland, there are lots of options. Once you’ve picked your destination of choice, your next decisions might be narrowing down which activities you want to take part in. From ice-fishing, to cross-country skiing and even dog sledding there are lots of fun snow past times for you to try your hand at.

Learn a New Skill

You don’t have to be an extreme sport fanatic to try skiing for the first time. People of all abilities and age ranges can hit the slopes. Most ski resorts are well equipped for beginners and offer lessons for complete novices. Once you have tried skiing for the first time, we would put money on it not being the last time you strap on your snow boots. Skiing is one of the best forms of exercise, and the sense of achievement at learning a new skill is an added benefit! With an Inntravel winter holidays you can sample delicious local cuisine and stay in beautiful accommodation, the perfect way to unwind after a day on the slopes.

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