Yellowstone North Rim Drive

In 2008 the North Rim Drive was completely reconstructed and became one-way from south to north. Approximately 2 miles (3 km) long, this road provides four beautiful and varied views into the canyon and opportunities to hike partway down. Restrooms are available along the way. As you visit this unique treasure, you’ll realize that the canyon is not a static place. The steep walls will further disintegrate and the canyon will become wider and deeper over the years due to earthquakes, storms, the freezing and thawing of winter ice, the continual action of the river, and the friable (that is, easily crumbled) nature of the thermally altered rock. Special Caution: At least ten people met their deaths falling into the canyon in the 20th century. Please exercise caution, stay away from the edge, and keep small children firmly under control. Instead of driving you might park at one end of the North Rim Trail, which runs along the rim between Chittenden Bridge and Inspiration Point.

Yellowstone North Rim Drive Photo Gallery

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