FLEA MARKETS US Map & Phone & Address

FLEA MARKETS US Map & Phone & Address

Cary Hill Flea Market

220 East Ashland St. Brockton;(508) 583-3100 Located in a building that was once a discount department store, Cary Hill Flea Market carries on the tradition with its own assortment of old records, used appliances, quaint postcards, and other oddities. A recent visit turned up a microwave oven looked like the first one ever made for $40, and oversize dorm refrigerators for $85.

Unlike other flea markets, Cary Hill has two features that make it stand out First of all, the place doubles as an office furniture liquidator. Mine found desks, chairs, conference tables, and cubicle partitions. A five-drawer file cabinet, in good condition, was $85. Package prices are available, so give em a call if you’re looking to outfit a new office.

Second, Cary Hill Flea Market is also home to Golden Treasures Diamond and Gold Jewelry. Prices here are about 60% off retail. A sixteen-inch rope chain in 14K gold would be $295 elsewhere; here it’s a mere $110. A 24-inch strand of fresh-water pearls was a recent steal at $45. Cary Hill Flea Market is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on Saturdays and Sundays only. There is an admission price of 500.

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