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Kennedy airport is hectic and customs formalities seem never-ending. Arriving from abroad, you must first present your passport, the customs declaration form and your disembarkation card to an immigration official. He w ill attach a temporary residence visa to your passport which must be given back when you leave the country. After you’ve collected your luggage from the conveyors, you take it to one of the customs officers to clear.

DRIVING. Since New York traffic is heavy and New York streets difficult to navigate in, the best solution is to use taxis, buses and the subway. If you must drive a car in New York City, remember certain rules: the speed limit is 30 miles per hour unless otherwise indicated; you may not use your horn in town; and, of course, visitors from the U.K. must remember to drive on the right. Be sure you are fully insured; if you are responsible for an accident fines can be high.

For information on traffic conditions call 999-1234.

Parking. It’s next to impossible to find a place to park in town, except in parking lots. Never park next to a fire hvdrant and never leave your 110 car even five minutes overtime on the street both of these offences can cause your car to be towed away to the pound with a stiff fine to which is added a heavy towing fee.

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