Wedding on Nashville

Champagne is a budget buster. What are some other ideas for toasting drinks that would refl ect our destination?

THE EXPERT Of the Music City celebrations planned by luxury event designer Sara Fried of Fete Nashville since 2009, more than half are destination weddings.

I suggest getting in tune with your locale’s signature beverages, especially if they’re brewed or distilled right there. Chances are, they will be considerably less expensive than imported wines, beers and liquors. In Nashville, our clients are getting creative.

The city is home to many award-winning microbreweries, vineyards, bourbon and whiskey distilleries, and even legal, fl avored-moonshine distilleries.

Many of the cocktail hours we’ve planned off er custom fl ights with craft beers and local spirits usually happily selected by the groom. We have decorated man cave’ areas with dark leather furniture, cigars and usually a few antlers to complement the diff erent tasting areas.

When it’s time for a toast, we ask our guests to raise their glass with whatever they’re drinking at the time.

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