TAXI This is the most expensive option for one person. For more than two people, taxis are about the same price as price as private bus tickets. Before the opening of the Lok Ma Chau railway station and the Shenzhen Bay Bridge, the closest a taxi could get to the border was at the public bus terminal at Lok Ma Chau where it was necessary to take a crowded shuttle bus across the no man’s land at the border. Now taxis go right to the borders at Lok Ma Chau station and Shenzhen Bay Bridge. This makes taxi an extremely attractive option

At Hong Kong airport, taxis are downstairs on the ground level. Follow the signs. Make sure you get a green New Territories taxi rather than a red Hong Kong taxi. Green taxis are significantly cheaper. Ask to go to Lok Ma Chau Station or Shenzhen Bay Bridge . Some drivers don’t know that they can go to these destinations; they were previously closed border areas. The taxi dispatcher at the Airport should be able to help you.

ARRIVING IN SHENZHEN VIA TRAIN HONG KONG AIRPORT. This option is not recommended. Many people ask if there is a connection by train from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen but there is no direct route in the right direction on the Hong Kong MTR system. Any effort to try only train travel will require backtracking to the Hong Kong CBD.

Remember you need to reach the Lowu border well before 11.30pm when the border closes for the day and before 10.00pm if you plan on connecting with the Shenzhen metro.


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