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1513-23 Christian II.

Christian attempts to re-establish the Union of Kalmar, conquers Sweden in 1520 and executes 82 leading Swedes, but is driven out of Sweden by Gustavus Vasa 1521 and out of Norway and Denmark in 1523.

The struggle for supremacy in the Baltic

1534-59 Christian III.

1534-6: Lubeck seeks to intervene in Denmark’s internal conflicts in order to establish its commercial dominance, but is defeated in the Count’s War.

1536 The Reformation is established by the Rigsdag. Johan Bugenhagen organises the Danish Church.

1559-88 Frederik II.

Beginning of the conflict with Sweden.

1563-70: the War of the Three Kings against Sweden brings bitter fighting but no territorial changes. Sweden is compelled, however, to recognise the Sound dues.

1576-97: under Frederik’s patronage, Tycho Brahe sets up his observatory on the island of Ven in the 0resund and increases the accuracy of astronomical observations.

1588-1648 Christian IV, the most popular of Danish kings.

1625-9: Christian intervenes in Germany during the Thirty Years War. His defeat in 1626 at Lutter in the Harz region seriously weakens Denmark.

1540-1660 Renaissance architecture.

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