Phuket Get There By Plane

Taking a flight from Bangkok to Phuket is by far the most convenient way of transportation. There is huge competition since Nokair, Air Asia, Thai Airlines, Bangkok Airlines and Oriental Airlines fly this route several times a day. There is basically a flight every 20 Minutes to and from Bangkok.

Be aware that Nokair and Airasia fly from the old Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. More convenient if you travel further from Bangkok city, definitely not convenient if you have a connecting flight from your International connection which always gets in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Flights are inexpensive and the cheapest options are usually Nokair followed by Air Asia. Both have promotions from time to time starting at 999Baht. The most common price will be between 1200 and 2000 baht per Ticket.

Phuket is also an international Airport with a lot of charter flights connecting Phuket to the outside world.

If you plan to stay only in Phuket and nearby Area you might skip the Bangkok experience and just fly in and out from Phuket.

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