Yellowstone Trail from Artist Point toward

A short walk to the east along the rim of the canyon, following a part of the South Rim Trail, reveals some of the most awe-inspiring color panoramas you’ll find anywhere. It’s not necessary to go the entire 2 miles (3.2 km) round trip to Point Sublime to see sunset col- Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River is by far the most often photographed of Yellowstone’s many waterfalls. the grace of the falls with their faint roar nearly a mile away, and the thrill of the rushing river below you. Even the attractive stonework dating from 1938 adds to the beauty of the place. Artist Point was probably named by park photographer F. J. Haynes for the painter Thomas Moran or even for himself! Ifyou think you see steam in the canyon from several viewpoints, you’re not mistaken. There are several hot springs, perpetual spouters, and geysers below you.

Yellowstone Trail from Artist Point toward Photo Gallery

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