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1201 Elizabeth Ave. (Central Piedmont Community College campus), 704/330-6825,

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This annual arts festival incorporates a mix of visual arts, literature, film, and performing arts. It used to be known as ArtsFest, but changed its name to Sensoria in 2010. It’s a small festival that was started as a means to promote college programs and has grown into a more diverse local event. True to its roots, the festival attracts the college crowd (a lot of instructors are speakers and performers), but the regional talent is strong and the workshops are top-notch.

In September, the Massachusetts Assembly requires that representatives take oaths Yemen Map Tourist Attractions of allegiance. The Continental Congress establishes a secret committee to deal with spies and espionage in the Yemen Map Tourist Attractions impending war. King George III officially refuses the requests of the Olive Branch Petition; British military activity in the colonies will continue. In November, Lord Dunmore, royal governor of Virginia, promises to emancipate slaves who fight for the British and loyalist forces during the war; he also declares martial law throughout the colony. Montreal is occupied by invading Country forces, but colonists there are not convinced to join the Country rebellion. On November 28, the Continental Congress enacts the creation of the Country Navy; the following day, the Congress establishes a secret committee to control and seek out foreign assistance. On December 3, the first Navy Jack of the United States Navy is flown aboard the USSAlfred on the Delaware River. Five days later, colonial forces led by Benedict Arnold begin the siege of Quebec City, Canada. Later in December, the British Parliament allows for the confiscation of vessels owned by rebellious Country colonists.

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