3000 YEAR OLD CAVES Cappadocia Turkey

Leaving the coast behind the next part of our journey in turkey heads inland our guys.

So right now we are in the beautiful little town of silly just outside of Conya here in Turkey it is quite different from Istanbul way more roll. And this city is actually over five thousand years old very very old we just finished the most amazing Turkish breakfast full of all of these different cheese pates. And and marmalades.

3000 YEAR OLD CAVES Cappadocia Turkey Photo Gallery

And spreads. And now we’re just going to go visit one of the churches here arriving in the city of Konya we stopped when the most important places to visit the Mevlana museum which was the former home. And kurt mausoleum of Mevlana the founder of the whirling dervishes right guys.

So for lunch we are in oral. So Hannah, it’s a caravan drive. And it was an infiltrator fact Silk Road extension to Silk Road trade route yeah we do stop.

So we are in another caravans right here on the Silk Road download impairments rise our action of the 13th. And 14th century. So they’re quite old.

And there are literally hundreds of them seriously every 15 to 20 kilometers along the Silk Road from Europe to Asia there’s another caravanserai for the caravan to sleep in overnight at this particular caravanserai we saw a show of the whirling dervishes known for their practice of whirling to achieve a state of trance which they believe brings them close to God. I know we’re seeing it is literally a cave, this is my room pretty sure it used to be as stable. So horses slept here.

And now. I sleep here, this is my bed there are definitely little bits of cave on my bed, but, you know kapadokya truly is a geological wander the landscapes here are covered in caves. And vast underground networks that used to be homes storage churches sanctuaries.

And more in past centuries all right guys. So these are called the fairy chimneys. I big cute, it’s like real fairies could live in them, but actually people lived in them okay.

So once thanks Cappadocia is actually famous for is deep hot air balloons, but unfortunately the weather has been a little bit uncooperative today. So instead we’re getting sorry to move sorry one of the largest of these networks is the underground city of China which goes over eight floors below ground we believe that it was first the Hittites who built the underground cities, but it was extensively used by in the Romans. And by especially the Christians most of the things that, you can see underground city are thrown around at night.

And that 13th century which does not mean it was built at that time it was only modified at that time. And last people to use the underground cities we believe were the Turks in the 13th century. And then they stopped using the other ground cities for reasons unknown we did not still know a lot of things about the underground cities, this is mostly guesswork of archaeologists.

And historians okay. So right now we are exploring the open-air museum here in Cappadocia. And, it’s basically a gathering of all these 11th.

And 12th century Christian churches. And chapels. So if you look behind me in these hillsides feet all these little like holes on the fairy world that’s where all these treasures in chocolate bar now there s amazing frescoes.

And paintings in them both ready for them originally there is no real like photo or post allowed, but the scenery is beautiful the scenery is gorgeous well. I hope, you all enjoyed Cappadocia Turkey if you want to go back. And explore Istanbul click the post below thank you.

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