5 Best Of Singapore You Did Not Know

Singapore is one of the most famous tourist destinations. There is no doubt that Singapore is the ultimate tourist destination which is preferred by most of the people irrespective of their age. The reason behind this is that Singapore has numerous attractive features and things to offer to everybody. No matter which country you belong you will find your country’s food in this place. You can find best Singapore Italian food as well as Indian dishes in the same street and how can one miss western food Singapore. This isn’t the only thing which makes Singapore the ultimate destination. For food lovers Singapore is a place which is not less than any paradise.

You can gather the information about the spots and the things which you can enjoy in Singapore from internet, but then also there are some places which you will miss. The 5 best of Singapore are enlisted below. Though you will have to change your plans for visiting all the mentioned places in Singapore but the places are worth changing your plans.

Hawker food market

There is no doubt in the fact that Singapore is one of the best place for food lovers and if you have a desire to taste Asian food in your trip to Singapore than hawker food market can be a great choice for it. You will have the chance to taste the most unique and delicious dishes in this place. It is a place where you will find the widest Asian dishes in one place.

Enjoy the little India

The streets of little India will surely astonish you. The smell of flowers, food and spices will leave you laden with excitement. The multi colored buildings on the streets of little India and the blaring Indian music all this makes intoxicating mix. The department store on little street named Mustafa runs for 24 hours, in this store you will find everything related to India right from the Indian apparel to unique perfumes.

Singapore zoo

Singapore zoo is one of the most attractive zoological attractions all over the world. You will have to wait in the queues for seeing some of the most appreciated wild animals.

Botanic gardens

Singapore’s botanic gardens will keep you mesmerized. If you are suffering with jetlag problem or have a desire to escape from the hectic lifestyle of the city than the botanic garden spread in the 74 hectares can be a great place to visit.


No matter what your taste is, you will find Chinatown interesting.

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