5 Best Trekking In Bhutan for Adventure Lovers

Imagine the pleasure of being completely alone sitting in the lap of nature and sipping on the hot coffee you carried from your hotel. Bhutan can give you this ethereal pleasure. Bhutan is known for its natural beauty, spectacular mountain ranges and cultural history which are rich and varied. Best way to explore the natural beauty and serenity of mystic Bhutan is by trekking. There are many trekking routes and destinations for travel enthusiasts to choose from. Here are some of the best trekking routes which will mesmerize any travel enthusiast.

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Bumthang Cultural Trek

This is one of the most favorite Trek Bhutan which last for three days only while taking you to an elevated level of pleasure by 3360 meters. Best time to visit in the month of March to May and then again from September to November you can start from ToktuZampa, set your camp at 2,800 meters to enjoy the pristine beauty and local culture as well. Climb another five hundred meters to get some more magnificent view of C Hudak monastery before you start to descend reluctantly with the finest memory to end your trek at Mustang.

Jomolhari Trek

This eight-day trek starting from and ending at DrugyelDzond at Paro will take you close to the border of Bhutan and Tibet. Taking you even higher in pleasure while Trekking in Bhutan at 4890 meters, you can set your camp at 4090 meters to have the magnificent view. If you avail the best time from April to June and also from September to November you can even enjoy the famous annual mountain festival held there.

Druk Path Trek

It is another popular trek lasting for six days in which you can see the tallest unclimbed mountain GangkarPuensum while traveling through a dense Alpine forest. Enjoy the grand view of the large trout in the lake as well when you camp after climbing 4110 meters from your starting point from the National Museum at Paro. Climbing higher for some more spectacles up to 4200 meters you can come back to Mothitang in the capital.

GangteyPhobjikha Trek

You can also enjoy some spectacular view while trekking in Bhutan if you take this trek which lasts for three days and comprises of a distance of 33 kms. Starting from Phobjikha in the months of March to June or September to November you can have the greatest view of the natural beauty of Bhutan and come back to TikkeZampa to finish your memorable and spectacular journey.

Duer Hot Springs Trek

For the adventurous people this is a nine-day trek in which you get to stay and take rest for a day near the pristine and spectacular duer hot springs. Traveling up and down through the tranquil mountain valley you can reach up to Juli La at 4700 meters. Traveling through the mountain valley and forest you can also come across various wildlife animals like black bears and musk deer. The unique feature of this trek is that is the same route followed to and fro unlike other treks which have different starting and finishing points.

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