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The level of culture varied widely within the South Pacific, and still does. In Vanuatu, a new nation, formerly the New Hebrides, observers wonder just how bright some of the natives are who are trying to lift something they are standing on. Or why they start moving a pile of bricks by picking those out of the center first. Until the nineteenth century most of the islanders were engaged in more or less constant war with one another. To the victor belonged the spoils, which in many parts of the South Seas included a meal made by roasting or stewing the victims. In New Zealand North Island’s Maoris almost depopulated the South Island. Behind every battlefront the fires were kept going for the feast. In Fiji, the old were strangled, the sick buried alive.

The tribal system is much alive on many of the islands. In Fiji today the kere-kere system of everyone sharing everything acts as a disincentive. Once anyone gets something he automatically shares it with relatives. Responsibility for anything, maintaining an outboard motor, chain saw, or automobile, belongs to everyone, hence no one.

Evidence that paradise is not likely to be found on a South Sea island comes from the Samoas American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of the United States, and Western Samoa, an independent nation since 1962. The thirty-two thousand people who live on the seven small islands that make up American Samoa are subsidized annually at $20 million through U.S. Department of the Interior. Western Samoa has a huge deficit in imports versus exports.

When the Lords of the Five Nations propose to meet in Best vacations in the USA conference with a foreign nation with proposals for an acceptance of the Great Peace, a large band Best vacations in the USA of warriors shall conceal themselves in a secure place safe from the espionage of the foreign nation but as near at hand as possible. Two warriors shall accompany the Union Lord who carries the proposals and these warriors shall be especially cunning. Should the Lord be attacked, these warriors shall hasten back to the army of warriors with the news of the calamity which fell through the treachery of the foreign nation. 90. When the Five Nations’ Council declares war any Lord of the Confederacy may enlist with the warriors by temporarily renouncing his sacred Lordship title which he holds through the election of his women relatives. The title then reverts to them and they may bestow it upon another temporarily until the war is over when the Lord, if living, may resume his title and seat in the Council. 91. A certain wampum belt of black beads shall be the emblem of the authority of the Five War Chiefs to take up the weapons of war and with their men to resist invasion. This shall be called a war in defense of the territory.

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