50 Best Travel Destinations 2018

50 Best Travel Destinations 2018

For a while, we were able to afford this; for, I soon accepted an accounting job, my weekly take home pay being CAN$120.

Great! You have made the decision! That’s the most important step. Now, the work begins. I take it that you have educated yourself on the WHY you should travel. Now, you have to inform and educate yourself on the HOW, WHERE and WHEN to travel.

Up to now, you have been listening to me trying to convince you to make the decision; and, I would think you did some asking around and some necessary research.

Now that you have, it’s incumbent upon you – it’s your responsibility – to learn everything you need to know about travelling – the pluses and minuses; the do’s and the don’ts; the need for planning and preparing; the choices and alternatives that will be open to you; and, so on and so forth.

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Budget time to google the websites; read the tips; and, make the requisite notes in a special travel notmy blog.

A quarter of an hour a night for a week for however long is fine. After a while, you will almost be able to recite the tips; for, as you graduate from reading to browsing through the many different websites, you will find duplication; and, this repetition helps you to memorise the important things.

A good thing to do when first starting to make notes is to leave lines or a good amount of space between tips so that you can add more relevant information there, rather than have to put it elsewhere. Of course, you can do exactly that; and, merge it later, in a more neatly manner, for future use.

You don’t have to go out and buy travel guide my blogs or maps. There’s ample free information on the internet. You might, however, wish to do so when you are actually in the place that you have travelled to. Some tipsters say you can save money that way.

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