A Day in Hong Kong

So yet again we have packed all of our stuff, and we are ready for our next trip we are leaving do bye see you on the plane is that something pretty weird happened we were checking into our flight for Bali, and they said that we’re not allowed to go there as per new rules unless we have a flight out which we don’t have. So, I’m looking right now trying to find the cheapest flight out of Bali, and we’re just going to get that you want to go to Malaysia yeah into Singapore what’s the next options we could go it on you want to go to Thailand one okay what do you want to do we need to check into our flight Thailand sure wait wait wait decide we have to check it I cannot decide within five minutes where two bones it’s crazy dude hang on Prince Malaysia Thailand challenger from Varna okay craziest thing ever all right I guess we’re going to Thailand smokes pot our ticket confirmed, and ready to go , and how is Hong Kong taking a bus into the city right now hindi you bitch shame it now we’re going out to explore we dropped our luggage checked into our hotel, and we’re going to go out, and explore like all night.

A Day in Hong Kong Photo Gallery

Because we don’t have much time here, and we already just love this city so much when you have me falling I feel like everywhere ISM there’s just all these stuff to make pictures of, and I know where the bottle colors, and all the waiting for you I love you just ah others are to say Oh. So many people here crazy might actually become like we’re my favorite city I’ve been talking for quite a while now the lights are starting to turn on people here are still at night this guy came up to us. Because we were standing on a corner excited taking in time-lapse, and asked if we needed any help to go take pictures with me that you know people coming asking if we need help translating even in a big city like they’re in a hurry. But they’re still really nice yeah I think it’s a cultural really friendly I really really like let me go you just give me just walked up into this kind of shopping place there’s all these places where you just go up stairs into malls restaurants. Because there’s so little space here that everything’s like stacked on top of each other just go in like one little door, and find this huge place it is right now the lights are starting to turn on almost dark, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they will look like that night why you make it don’t let me down love you just me to say. So we have to take a metro onto the main, and sensual area of Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island, and just coming out of the metro station we were immediately in awe. Because it’s way more fancy way more big buildings over here lights everywhere behind me the buildings are so tall going to walk around, and hopefully find a place to see the skyline look at all these buildings behind me, and they’re all really colorful oh my gosh I just love this place.

So so beautiful you have me fall into the ground my god we have come up to this coolest place this balcony has a view of like the entire skyline of Hong Kong I love you just over this kind of bridge right now that all these years of the skyline over drinks had an awesome time out exploring, and seeing the skyline in Central Hong Kong, and now we’re headed back across the river to where we are staying we are so so tired we had an overnight flight from Dubai, and I didn’t really sleep on the flight. So, I’m kind of going on no sleep even going back to our hotel room just to get some things I was already like falling asleep. So, I’m sure that as soon as we get home, I’m going to falsely by the post to edit, and upload I don’t know that, I’ll get done. So we’ll see. But yeah great day super early in the morning gonna have to sleep right now. So I didn’t even know Hey for fung-kwok our time here is over I know that it wasn’t very long. But you know it was just a layover I had all these plans of getting up early, and going out.

But I was just. So tired I ended up sleeping, and now, I’m headed to the airport to Bali.

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