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Greece is the cradle of Western civilization Turkey’s capital Istanbul where east meets west, and the Cyclades islands see in the dawn of Europe these people witnessed, and integrated the first light of three continents Europe Asia, and Africa. This is our first time in Greece, and it’s beautiful whatever the island has to offer.

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I’m willing to embrace it. I’m I’m really overcome by the beauty on this journey by water land, and air what connection to those long ago moments will you make Nexxus is the most fertile island of the Cyclades island group with a good supply of water in a region where water is sparse consequently agriculture plays an important role in the Naxals economy, and the island is the most self-sufficient of the Cyclades. This is like a big onion, it’s also very powerful just being in a place where with the history to begin with where.

So much has happened that’s affected of the way we think, and the way we run our lives in the West the Aegean Sea could well be considered a pay within the eastern Mediterranean both the continental shores surrounding the Aegean Sea, and the protective Island shores within it sheltered the voyages of ancient seamen here making them safer. I like the experience of being ship for a while walking hiking. I think is a great ship love the crew the people that.

We’ve met a home dinners that. We’ve had just warm it was lots of fun experienced the beauty, and history of ancient delphi see the towering rock formations on top of which are built the famous monasteries of meteora. I could use many many superlatives.

I’ve run out of adjectives really imagine walking the same paths created at the dawn of our civilization whether you embark from Istanbul Turkey or Athens Greece see firsthand the treasures of the Aegean you.

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